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About AJ

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My name is Alyson Joyce, and I am a highly passionate multidisciplinary Artivist, Author, and endorsed Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience across the creative arts and entertainment industries. As a BIPOC Bi-racial woman, I have an intrinsic understanding of the innate struggles BIPOC creatives experience due to the lack of demand for diversity across the creative arts sector in Australia. Because of this, I have committed myself to spearhead inclusive reformation across the industry to amplify diversity, raise awareness, and enable marginalised artists to fulfil their dreams as successful creative expressionists.


A little bit about myself, I am a BIPOC, CaLD, and Bi-racial Australian with Papua New Guinean and Irish ancestry who has always had a desire to explore my own identity through creative expression. I am an accomplished singer and actor, a published children's book author, and have been a progressive contributor to various publications in varying industries. I have a strong passion for projects that assist in developing infrastructure and support long-term employment, education and health care within communities and actively seek to engage and invest in these projects through various family businesses. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and am currently pursuing my Honours.

Traveling extensively throughout my career, I have also been fortunate to be able to build and maintain a strong relationship with PNG. It is here I launched Enspire LTD PNG, a creative solutions company that offers support to organisations seeking to ensure their content is culturally aware. In 2018, I compered the APEC CEO Summit held in Port Moresby in 2018 before moving to Australia in 2019. Today, I am also the founder of BIPOC Arts Australia, a new business venture created to help rectify the lack of diversity that still exists in the creative arts industry. My work and various projects stem from a place of compassion and a longing to actively promote and support diversity in the arts. I am devoted to not only supporting the creative arts industry but also improving the community and human experience along the way.


As an Artivist, I seek the opportunity to influence positive transformations, diversity, and unity within the ever-evolving modern age. I have a genuine passion for helping undervalued artists succeed as I work towards providing a safe, secure, and welcoming space where they can freely express their authenticity within the creative arts world. This, along with my innate desire for inclusion and commitment to raising the diversity bar within the creative arts industry across Australia, is what inspired me to become the dedicated advocate I am today - one who consciously strives to give BIPOC and marginalised groups/communities the full respect and recognition they deserve.

I love what I do and am excited to expand my inclusive outreaches even more by creating raw, cinematic productions that explore identity through the eyes of a BIPOC Bi-racial person.

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Some of my engagements include:

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